Feather – Light Prompt


Light Prompt with facebook


Show a nice overlay when clicking on any of to social sharing buttons!

Speed is kept at the highest by loading scripts only when a button is actually clicked.

The Light Prompt addon adds a nice semi-transparent overlay when clicking on any of the social sharing buttons in the WordPress Social Media plugin. The overlay will display a prompt to share the content on that particular social network, using the familiar widgets provided by those networks with dynamic sharing counters for those services that provide them.

This allows your visitors to share or like content while staying on your site, instead of being redirected to the specific social network when they click the button. Keep in mind this does not in any way affect the overall performance of the plugin and therefore your site.

The Social Media Feather plugin was built with the goal of keeping the highest site speed possible and this add-on does not affect loading times. This is because all of the social networks script needed to make the overlay work are loaded dynamically only after the user clicks one of the buttons, ensuring maximum performance.

Some images showing some examples of how the Light Prompt looks like for a few social providers:

Light Prompt with twitterLight Prompt with google plusLight Prompt with redditSocial Media Light Prompt Pinterest

These are the settings exposed by the plugin, settings also include minimum width/height for the prompt box itself (not shown in the image):

Settings exposed by the Light Prompt addon